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Pike was an Umbrella operative who participated in a mission to the Hive led by a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs  during the final stages of the T-virus pandemic in 2012.


Pike served as a crewman aboard Isaacs' tank during its expedition to the ruins of Washington, D.C. and its subsequent arrival at Raccoon City. He participated in the battle against a group of survivors led by Alice; ultimately, Isaacs was separated from his troops and the tank with Pike aboard was forced to withdraw from the engagement with fellow operative Chu chained to it. 

Some time later, the tank stopped near the bridge heralding the entrance to Raccoon City, as Isaacs returned to his men. Pike was ordered by his commanding officer to fetch the doctor a cup of water as he relayed intelligence that he had gathered during his time afield, namely that Alice and the remaining survivors were planning to infiltrate the Hive via the

Pike's body after his death at the hands of the rampant Isaacs clone.

portion that had been exposed by the nuclear detonation in Raccoon City a decade prior. 

Pike's superior officer, who had taken over in Isaacs' absence, noted that his orders did not involve travelling to the Hive. After a brief disagreement between the two, the doctor stabbed his subordinate repeatedly, allowing his corpse to fall to the floor as he took the cup from Pike's hands. Isaacs drank greedily before thanking Pike, who was clearly shaken by the execution of his commanding officer. Shortly thereafter, driven to madness by a need for vengeance, the Isaacs clone killed Pike and his fellow operatives as well.

Behind the scenes

Pike was played by an unknown actor in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Although he was not named in the film or credits, the character's nametag is briefly visible.

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