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The "Bui Kichwa" augment

Plaga C is the adult form that submissive Plaga parasites generally mutate towards.[1] When the Plaga Type-2 and Type-3 reached their adult stage, they were referred to as "Bui Kichwa", which stems from the Swahili words for "big spider" and "head".

As the Swahili name suggests, the Plaga C stage can be referred to as "spider-like". When the parasite finds it necessary, it may erupt from its host's body and roam around independently.


The Spanish "Plaga C", erupting out of a Combatant.

In Spain, these Plagas were found by Leon S. Kennedy to mostly inhabit the higher ranking Cultists and Combatants. They are the most durable, can spit acid over some distance and detach themselves from their host following death. They are roughly equal to the A-parasites in terms of threat while attached, and are relatively weak when detached. The C-parasites can detach themselves from their host's body at will, though this is an endangering procedure for the parasite, which will soon become weak and die if it does not find a new host. Consequently, it will attack potential hosts by lunging at them, intending on entering their bodies through the mouth.[2][3]  However, in this form, they are simply too large to enter a human body.

While detached, they have a leaping grapple which lacks an animation for attacking from the side or rear, much like the Colmillos, meaning they can only use it when directly in front of Leon. Curiously, several are encountered without hosts at all as in the case of the battle with Salazar. When without a host, a C-parasite will eventually die from exposure.



A Bui Kichwa attack.

They have just one single attack which involves them leaping onto the victim and wrapping their legs around them, draining their health. Surprisingly, this doesn't cause very much damage, especially if the player is wearing a melee vest. The real danger from Bui Kichwa is that while one is latched onto a character, they become completely defenseless and move very slowly, putting them in great danger from other enemies. In addition, there is no button combo that can remove a Bui Kichwa from the character, the only ways to get one off are to wait until it lets go by itself or to have your partner slash it with a knife.


They are best dealt with by using Flash Grenades as they are killed immediately, disposing of them in this matter will get you the achievement/trophy "Go into the Light".

When one is rearing, and about to attack, and it isn't possible to shoot it (maybe needing to reload), a simple strafe will make sure the Bui Kichwa miss completely, it does not compensate for your movement at all when it is about to lunge.

Further Notes

Bui Kichwa bursting out of body.jpg

Bui Kichwa were originally supposed to burst out of a Majini's body in a different way.





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