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Duvalia 2

Duvalia, a form of Type 3 Plagas

The Plaga Type 3 was a species of a parasitic organism which was genetically engineered by Tricell. Derived from the Spanish Plaga parasite, it was developed in an attempt to remove the weaknesses of the Plaga Type 2 while also enhancing its strengths.[1]


The Plaga Type 3 was created when Tricell implanted a subordinate-strain Plaga with a gene from a control-strain Plaga. Like the normal Plagas, the adherence rate in adult and adolescent males is approximately 92 percent, but for women and young children, Type 3 has a 0% adherence rate. Due to this, Tricell found problems with the type, but their goal to have dramatic physical enhancements were somewhat realized.


Although its limited range of potential victims left something to be desired, the Plaga Type 3 succeeded in its original purpose: vastly increasing the physical abilities of the host. They showed a remarkable improvement in both jumping power and size, with some hosts reaching a height of almost three meters (the Giant Majini of the Ndipaya tribe). On the other hand, Plaga Type 3 hosts developed far more visible mutations in their appearance than Town Majini, such as arms with a flayed appearance and visibly protruding hearts, but they did not appear to be weak spots.


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