Prime universe
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Type 4 Plaga (tentative) is the name given to the Plaga parasite variant used in the Eastern Slav Republic in the East Slavic Civil War. It was cultivated along with Dominant Species Plaga in a Hive-like cultivation lab underground of the Presidential Palace in Holigrad and was given to the elders of the Pro-independence forces to use in fighting against the governmental forces.

Although unconfirmed, it is likely based on the Plaga Type 2 used in Kijuju during the Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident.[citation needed]


Las Plagas: Organisms of War is a report filed by two researchers who described the effects and information on this plaga variant.

  • This plaga variant, unlike its predecessors, included new effects such as the infected hosts not talking and making moaning sounds and walking more like a Zombie after the plaga hatches and enters adulthood.
  • Infected hosts have the ability to reproduce plaga out of their mouths and infect other un-infected people/hosts, similar to the Plaga Type 2 used in Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident.
  • Once infected with the plaga, the host's eyes will bleed and turn red, much similar to the Plaga Type 2. The host's face will also turn pale and show protruding veins as a result.
  • Dominant Species Plaga-variant has the ability to control masses of Licker β.

Further Notes

  • Ada Wong remarked this Plaga type as a defective product, arguably due to zombie-like behavior hosts of this variant's subordinate-strain displayed and its dominant species variant's gradual regression into subordinate-strain as shown in case of Ivan Judanovich and Alexander Kozachenko. The afromentioned flaws however, were exploited by Svetlana Belikova as a secret plan to destroy the rebels' leadership.


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