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Plant 42

In the 2002 remake, Plant 42 boasts a total HP of 3000-3800 at the start of the boss fight (compared with Chris' and Jill's 1400 and 960, respectively). After re-growing, the Plant will regain 1600-2000 HP. The Plant's tentacles have individual hitpoint values of 200-550, but their HP will only drop after the main body has taken a set minimum damage (900 for the first round; 450 for the second). The number of tentacles lso drops from seven to five after the regrowth.[1]

Moveset (remake)Edit

Plant 42 is capable of seven unique combat moves in 2002's Resident Evil.

Note: All names are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[2]

Move Damage Description/Notes
Acid - body (酸・本体 San hontai?) 80 or 250 The Plant sprays an acid from its main body. Damage depends on whether or not the plant is flowering at the time.
Acid - tentacle (酸・触手 San shokushu?) 100 The Plant sprays an acid across the room from its tentacles.
Hit (たたく Tataku?) 160 The Plant strikes the Player.
Tsukiotoshi (突き落とし?) 280 Named after a Sumo finishing move, the Tsukiotoshi also involves knocking the Player over.
Throw (投げる Nageru?) 300 In this move, Plant 42 will grab the Player, lift them into the air and throw them back to the ground.
Pollen bud (つぼみの花粉 Tsubomi no kafun?) 30 or 60 The Plant consumes the Player in a cloud of pollen.
Neck tighten (首しめ Kubi shime?) 40 or 200 A vine - or "tentacle" - will move up from a hole in the floorboards and strangle the Player. They have the option to cut the tentacle, lowering the damage.

Weapon guide (remake)Edit

Note: All stats are provided by the biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide.[3]

Weapon Damage Number of ammunition/uses
Survival Knife (Chris's) 150 2-4
Survival Knife (Jill's) 90 3-7
Handgun 120 (Critical Hit: 500) 8-32
Samurai Edge 120 (Critical Hit: 500) 18-32
Shotgun Close-mid range: 400
Outer range:200
Assault Shotgun Close-mid range: 450
Outer range:250
Grenade Launcher (Grenade) 500 6-38
Grenade Launcher (Acid) 400 8-10
Grenade Launcher (Explosive) 1500 3-38
Magnum Revolver 700 5-6
Self Defense Gun 1000 3-4
Barry's 44 Magnum N/A N/A
Flamethrower N/A N/A
Infinite Rocket Launcher 9999 1
Dagger N/A N/A
Flash Grenade N/A N/A
Stun Gun N/A N/A

Bibliography Edit


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