Further notes
  • In the RPG game Breath of Fire III (also from Capcom), there is an enemy in the Myria Station called "Plant 42".
  • In Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Plant 42 is the final boss of "Mansion Incident 2". It is fought in a computer room below the dormitory.
  • When playing as Jill Valentine and concocting the lethal V-Jolt and throwing the vial containing it to the roots, she is trapped by the withering Plant and saved by a Flamethrower-wielding Barry Burton. In Chris Redfield's case, he cannot fabricate V-Jolt on his own. Depending on whether or not you get the serum for Richard Aiken on time, you will either have to fight the plant in the traditional way, or if Richard dies of poison, a cutscene will play in which Chris is trapped by the vines of the Plant, and the player takes control of Rebecca Chambers, who is forced to prepare the chemical and administrate it to the roots in order to weaken the Plant enough to allow Chris to battle it.


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