The Plant 42 Report is a file that can be found in both 1996 Resident Evil and its 2002 remake regarding the discovery and early research on "Plant 42", a sentient plant that grew in the dormitory during the t-Virus outbreak. As can be seen in the transcript section below, the version present in the remake was more "fleshed out" in comparison to the original.



4 days have passed since the accident and the plant at Point 42 is growing amazingly fast.

It has been affected by the T-Virus differently than other plants have been and shows unique shape in addition to its size. Looking at the way it behaves, it is now difficult to determine what kind of plant it was originally.

There are two ways in which Plant 42 gathers nutrition. The first one is through its root that reaches into the basement.

Immediately after the accident, a scientist went mad and broke the water tank in the basement. Now the basement is filled with water. It is easily imaginable that some chemical elements were blended in the water and promotes the incredibly fast growth of Plant 42.

Another part of Plant 42 from the basement grows through the duct and hangs down like so many bulbs from the ceiling of the first floor. Many vines come out of those bulbs and they are the second resource for its nutrition.

Once sensing movement, Plant 42 shoots its vines around the prey and holds it. Then it starts sucking up blood, using the suckers located at the back of its vine.

It also has some intelligence. It blocks the door by twinning its vines around it especially when it captures prey or is sleeping.

Several staff members have already fallen victim to this.

May 21st 1998
Henry Sarton

Four days have passed since the accident. The plant at Point 42 is growing at an amazing rate.

Although there are many unknown aspects about this plant, we know that in comparison with the other group of plants, the T—Virus has had a substantially stronger affect on this one.

The T—Virus has drastically morphed its host's anatomy as well as its size. Looking at its current state, it's difficult to imagine its original appearance. Nowhere on Earth will you find anything like it.

We've also found that PLANT 42 has two main source of acquiring its necessary nutrients. One source is through its root. Somehow it has rooted itself down into the basement.

Immediately after the accident, a scientist went mad and destroyed the Aqua Ring. Ever since, the basement has been like a pool. There is a high possibility that it's one of the chemicals in the water that's promoting the PLANT 42's rapid growth.

However, we have yet to determine the specific chemical.

A bulb—like body of the PLANT 42 has been sighted hanging from the ceiling of the first floor. We are sure that it used the air ducts to reach the first floor. Numerous long tentacle—like vines are protruding from the bulb.

We believe the vines are the second means of acquiring its nutrients. When the PLANT 42 senses prey, it uses the tentacle—like vines to capture its prey. After doing so, suckers on the vine drain the prey of its blood.

We've also noticed that it has some intelligence. When it captures its prey or when it's inactive, the vines twine around the door to stop possible intruders.

Unfortunately, a several of our scientists have already fallen victim to this PLANT 42. When we heard the stories from the survivors, they all observed one thing in common:

When the uniform petal—like flaps open and reveal its vital internals, it has a tendency to become more aggressive.

One witness reported that it was as if it was trying to protect itself. Why it behaves the way it does is still unknown.

May 21, 1998
Henry Sarton




May 21.1998



「UMB No.20」に、これら植物の細胞を急速に死滅させる成分が含まれているという事である。
私たちはこの「UMB No.20」を、「V-JOLT」と名付けた。



UMB No.3        赤
Yellow-6         黄
UMB No.7        緑
UMB No.10       橙
VP-017         青 
UMB No.20(V-JOLT) 茶褐色




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