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See also: Plant 42, Monster Plant (RE2), Huge Plant, Plant 43, and Ivy

Plant 43 was a genetically engineered plant located in the east wing laboratory of the NEST in the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2. [1]

Plant 43 was a deliberate experiment in the possible applications of the t-Virus to plant-based B.O.Ws. The scientist Wayne Li was responsible for overseeing its regular maintenance, although his precise connection to its creation is unclear.[2]

During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, after Birkin's infection with the G-Virus and the subsequent T-Virus outbreak, Plant 43 was neglected due to the state of chaos in the NEST and the anti-infection lockdown. At some point during the lockdown, Plant 43 became aggressive and outright attacked scientists in the greenhouse area, most prominently engulfing Byron Cartwright, a senior staff-ranked scientist, in a mouth-like flowerbud and smashing him to death against the reinforced glass window.

After this initial killing spree, Plant 43 became mostly dormant. Instead, it began infesting the corpses of staff that it had killed and/or zombies which stumbled into its reach with parasitic seedlings, creating mutant human/plant hybrids called Ivy Zombies.[3]

Claire and Leon would destroy, or at least severely injure, Plant 43 with P-Epsilon herbicide in order to recover the Senior Staff chip from Cartwright's corpse, allowing them to enter the west wing of the NEST. What remained of Plant 43 would be vaporized by the NEST's self-destruct sequence.

Further Notes[]

  • This iteration of Plant 43 is notably different from its from the original Resident Evil 2. In the original, Plant 43 was the name of an experimental series of B.O.W. that were humanoid plantlike creatures that had heads resembling flowers and spat acid at their prey. In the remake, it is a massive botanical growth that infested an entire section of a laboratory, but does not attack the player directly. Here, the name applies to the "Mother Plant" itself, more directly connecting it to Plant 42.
  • In its basic function, it is all but identical to the Huge Plant from Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, in that it is a t-Virus-infected plant which has some capability to attack and consume humanoid prey on its own, but does not directly menace the player in-game, instead doing so indirectly by spawning parasitized hybrids of zombies and its plant progeny.