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Play in Bio Village♪, is a series of short films produced by Capcom as part of their marketing campaign for Resident Evil Village, called "BIOHAZARD Village x Puppet Show". It takes the form of a children's TV show featuring puppet versions of the game's rogue's gallery. All the parts are played by the game's actual Japanese voice cast. To continue the theme of a children's show, the dialogue is in a slow manner as though intended for children, with the subtitles being almost exclusively in kana for ease of reading. In Capcom's announcement of the show, it joked it was being made in response to concerns the game was too scary.[1]


  • Dimitrescu (Kikuko Inoue) - Dimitrescu is the "sister" of the family, identified by her nickname of "Domito-oneesan". She is very pretty and loves hats and drawing with red paint. She lives in a big castle in the village. Dimitrescu is introduced in the opening credits as a vampire (吸血鬼), and is obsessed with blood. Dimitrescu is the leader of the group.
  • Moreau (Taisuke Nishimura) - Moreau is a shy boy who always hides under his robe. He lives in a damp lake in the village. He is nicknamed the "slippery man" (ヌメヌメ男) due to his slimy body, which makes him very clumsy and fall over a lot.
  • Heisenberg (Hiroshi Shirokuma) - The family's uncle. Heisenberg lives in a shabby factory on the village outskirts. He loves machinery, and likes carrying around tools.
  • Angie (Miyuki Sato) - Angie is a possessed doll (心霊人形) from a doll's house. She is very excitable and though she can talk, she tends to scream out in angry groaning sounds.
  • Miranda (Sayaka Kinoshita) - Miranda who is always watching over everyone in the Village. No one can go against what Miranda says! No one knows the real face because she wears a mask.


No. Title
1 "Chikaki uta" (ちかき うた)
2 "Tsukette ba-ra-so" (つくって ば・ら・そ)
3 "Good at Blade Brushing" (刃みがきジョーズだね)

Further notes

  • The puppets were brought to Capcom Japan's special livestream that took place when Resident Evil Village released.



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