Player's Manual 1 is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 0. It is the first file the player can find in the game.



Player's Manual 1

· Note that button names may differ depending on the controller type selected.

View Status Screen

Press Y Button during play.
· You cannot view the screen in the following circumstances.

- During event movies
- When taking damage
- When weapon is readied

· The following functions are available on the screen.

Equip Weapon
Use Item
View Map
View File
Leave Item ... etc

View Map

Select the MAP item on the Status Screen. (You can also press the Z Button during play).

· If you do not have a map for the area, you can only see locations already visited.

Reading the MAP

Blue room:

Your current location

Green room:

Visited locations

No color:

Locations not yet visited

Red door:

Locked door

Yellow door:

Unlocked door

While viewing the MAP, you can view the Item List by pressing the A Button.

· The following information is available on the Item List:

- Left items
- Locations of left items

Pushing Objects

Some "objects" can be moved in certain directions. Use the Control Stick to push these "objects". (You can also use the Control Pad).

Climbing/Dismounting from raised platforms.

Press the A Button to climb onto waist-high surfaces. (You can also climb onto moveable objects).

Equipping Weapons

Choose your Weapon from the items on the Status Screen, and select the "Equip" command. (You can only use a weapon if it is equipped).

Attack Stance

Press the R Button. (You turn toward the nearest enemy with the currently equipped weapon).


While in Attack Stance, press the A Button. (You attack with the currently equipped weapon).

Quick Turn

Press the B Button while Pressing Down on the Control Stick or on the Control Pad.

Check Item Details

Choose the item at the Status Screen, and select the "Examine" command.

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