Player's Manual 2 is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 0. It is the first file the player can find in the game.



Player's Manual 2

Character Switching

· Note that button names may differ depending on the controller type selected.

Character Switching

A system that enables you to control the two lead characters, Rebecca and Billy, and use their different abilities to progress through the game.

The character you currently control is called the Main Character. The character you do not control is called the Partner Character.

Controlling the Partner Character.

The Partner Character generally moves independently. (You can use the C Stick to control the Partner Character).

Selecting "Partner" on the Status Screen allows you to assign instructions to the character.

· Solo:

Both characters move independently.

· Team:

Partner moves with the Main Character.

· Attack:

Partner attacks automatically.

· Idle:

Partner will not attack.

· You can also press the START/PAUSE button to switch between Independent and Cooperative Action.

Switching Characters

Press the X Button at the Status Screen to switch between the characters.

To overcome obstacles, you will need to evaluate the circumstances and switch characters as needed.

Exchanging Items

When your Partner Character is nearby, you can exchange items on the Status Screen.
· Choose the item from the Main Character's item box, and select the "Exchange" command.

Character Attributes:

Rebecca, a member of S.T.A.R.S., has the following attributes:

Can combine Herb-related items.
Is weak defensively.
Can use a mixing set to combine chemicals.

Character Attributes:

Billy, a former Marine, has the following attributes:

Cannot combine Herb-related items.
Is strong in combat.
Can push large objects.

If the Partner Character is Attacked

Both the Main and Partner Characters will die if they take too much damage.

You should always keep an eye on their current condition.

A Partner being attacked in a different room will call for help over the radio.

If your partner does call, go to help as quickly as possible.

Cooperating with Your Partner.

Some puzzles cannot be solved by only one character.

When you are stuck, try to see if using your partner will help.

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