Playing Manual 2 is a file that can be obtained in the "Outbreak" scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak.


The playing manual can be found on the floor next to the cabinet in the stairwell between 1F and 2F.[1]



【Character status】

Check damage status via the ECG
FINE 《Green》 ... Normal
CAUTION 《Yellow》 ...Slightly wounded
CAUTION 《Crimson》 ...Moderate wounds
DANGER 《Red》 ...Seriously wounded


If you get poisoned, your vitality gradually decreases as time passes. The electrocardiogram (ECG) will display the word 《POISON》 while you are poisoned.

【Blood loss】

If you get attacked and lose lots of blood, your movement speed slows, and your vitality decreases as you move. The ECG displays the word 《BLEED》 while you are losing blood.

【Virus gauge】

The virus gauge on the status screen shows the player's virus infection rate. If it reaches 100%, the player dies regardless of his/her remaining vitality.

【Crawling part 1】

If you receive too much damage, your player will start crawling on the floor. While you are crawling, you can't enter certain rooms and perform certain attacks.

【Crawling part 2】

While you are crawling, your virus gauge increases at a much quicker rate than normal. To avoid having to crawl, you must use a recovery item or have other PCs "shoulder" you up.

【Map part 1】

View basic room information for any previously visited room by pressing the Δ button to access the map. If you obtain a map, info on unentered rooms on that map is displayed.

【Map part 2】

Green Room—Rooms you've been to.
Red Room—Currently occupied room.
Yellow Door—Unexplored doors.
Blue Door—Opened doors.
Red Door—Unopened doors.

【Herbs part 1】

Recover status ailments with herbs.
Green Herb—Recovers your vitality.
Blue Herb—Cures Poison.
Red Herb—Amplifies the potency of a herb[sic].

【Herbs part 2】

Herbs can be mixed together.
Ex: Green + Red = Mixed Herb
There are many other ways to mix herbs so you can create herbs that have various new effects.

【Checking other PC's status】

If you are in the same room with other PCs, you can check their virus gauge, items, etc. on the status screen.

【Exchanging items with a dead PC】

Even if another PC dies, you can still exchange items with him/her by opening the status screen in the room he/she died in.

【Temporary Save】

You can temporarily save the game by accessing the typewriters found within each scenario. Note: previous game data disappears when you load a temporary save game.

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