Further notes

Pluto's health value varies considerably between difficulty modes. In SO SWEET, it is only 6000. In RECOMMENDED, its health is increased to 20,000, with EXTREME mode going up to 25,000.[1] This is in relation to the player's health of 300, 100 and 40, respectively.[2]


Note: The following stats are taken from the GUNSURVIVOR4 BIOHAZARD HEROES NEVER DIE OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK.[1]

Attack Damage Description
Slap (ビンタ binta?) 25
Backhand cleave (なぎ払い裏拳 nagiharai riken?) 25
Bone-crushing hug (骨砕き抱っこ honekudaki dakko?) Instant Death Pluto crushes the player with its arms. This move is only triggered if the player's health is down to one third.


Pluto uses its heightened sense of hearing to find his prey. Upon finding his prey, it will run into them, crushing them with its mass.[note 1] To avoid it, it is best that you do not run, but instead walk around the crates, confusing it. It is advised that the player keep an eight-meter distance between themselves and Pluto, and avoid sudden sounds and movements when it moves its head restlessly.[note 2]

Although its size portrays it as an impenetrable foe, its head is a noticeable weak spot. Using the Silenced Handgun to make pot-shots at its head will lead to a quick defeat.[note 3]



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