Point 42 is the name of a large room located in the Dormitory adjacent to the Spencer Mansion. Initially, it was used as an event room for researchers living at the Dormitory; after the initial t-Virus outbreak, however, a large mutated plant began to grow there, the roots being fed by the Aqua Ring in the sub-basement (which a researcher had flooded after going insane). This plant came to be nicknamed Plant 42 due to its location.


Point 42 is a large hall with a square carpets placed at the center and a fireplace in the original Resident Evil. However Point 42 was redesigned in the remake with the added of its upper hallway. Three set of chairs was also added and placed just below the hallway. Though the fireplace remains as the same place as it's in the original game.



Plant 42 dies

In Resident Evil and Remake, both Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield can explore this room. There are four possibilities of how events will unfold in the game:

  • If Jill enters the room without first making V-JOLT to kill the roots, then she is forced to battle Plant 42.
  • If Jill kills the roots with V-JOLT, Plant 42 will be dying when she enters, but manage one last attack. Barry Burton will appear and assist her, then the characters will split up again.
  • If Chris managed to save Richard, the plant will immediately attack upon Chris entering the room.

Upon defeating Plant 42, the character will find the Helmet Key in the fireplace.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
The door to the Room 003 It's locked again. The door won't open.
Resident Evil (2002)
The door to the Room 003 ...The door refuses to open.







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