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Poisawan (Chinese: 保沙灣; Pinyin: Bǎo shā wān) is a small town near the Chinese coast. It forms part of Waiyip, one of the constituent districts of Lanshiang. Poisawan is considered to be a slum, with low-income families confined to degrading tenement buildings. Poisawan experienced considerable disarray during the 2013 Lanshiang bioterror incident.


Poisawan fort

Chris Redfield looks over the original fort.

In the nineteenth century, the Qing Dynasty controlled what is now Lanshiang from a fort known as Poisawan. At the turn of the century, opposition towards missionary activities and foreign influences in Chinese affairs reached breaking point, leading to a series of pogroms against Christians and foreigners in an event known as the Boxer Rebellion. When the rebellion was put down by the Eight-Nation Alliance in 1901, the Qing lost control of Poisawan and it was abandoned. Without any local leadership, Poisawan fell into disorder as hundreds of refugees began settling in the barracks for safety, later expanding the fort to support their greater numbers. Unplanned in its expansion, Poisawan became known in the area for its haphazard, maze-like design in comparison with the modern skyline elsewhere in Waiyip.[1]

Lanshiang bioterror incident

In the 21st century, Poisawan's condition had seriously deteriorated, and its population was difficult to estimate due to unregistered tenancy. In 2013, Carla Radames approached a number of young men people in Poisawan, offering money in exchange for drug testing. With the money being enough to live on for a year without work, many agreed to drug testing.[1] This was, however, a cover for Neo Umbrella, who intended to create a spontaneous army of J'avo by disguising their C-Virus infection procedure. These people were then armed with firearms or machetes and let loose, soon spreading out from Poisawan to the rest of Waiyip. As the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance deployed into Poisawan,[2] the slum was taken over by Iluzija, one of the Poisawan residents who had transformed into a snake-like creature.

Further Notes

  • Poisawan was initially spelled as "Bosawan" in the English localization, a misspelling of the original term (ポイサワン Poisawan). This was corrected in the first free update released on December 17, 2012.


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