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The Police Diary, known in the Japanese script as Police Officer's Diary (警察署員の日記 Keisatsusho-in no nikki?), is a file that can be found in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


The file can be found in the Night-duty room, on the floor next to the bunk beds. The file is exclusive to Alyssa.


September 19th
I've become acquainted with a
strange old man named Thomas.
He works at the hazardous
waste disposal centre out

He seems like a nice old guy and he
loves chess. In fact, he loves chess
so much that he's fashioned all of
his work keys to look like chess

We were all set to play last night,
but he cancelled on me. I don't know
if he has eczema or what, but he
said his whole body was itchy
and raw.
Poor old guy.

September 23rd
As expected, Thomas is quite the
chess expert. I used to consider
myself to be a fairly good player,
but he wiped the floor with me.

What's strange is that he ate like a
maniac. The whole time we were
playing, he kept inhaling these rare
roast beef sandwiches he had brought
with him. He looked really pale,
too. I sure hope the old guy's OK.


(The diary ends abruptly here.)






9月 日


Further Notes

  • The file should be seen basically as a shorter, revised version of the Watchman's diary, found in the same location in Resident Evil 2. Many parts are altered:
    • The diary's writer, George Scott, met Thomas on September 19, while in the original version, he met him on the 5th. He then went on to play chess on the 23rd, while in the original, he played on the 9th.
    • In the original version, George expressed his concern for being able to go up at the clock tower on August 11. This section is missing in the new version.
    • The section were George mentions the purpose of the chess pieces in the original is altered to mention that Thomas "fashioned all of his work keys to look like chess pieces", possibly because the puzzle is absent in the game.
    • In the original, George was to play another game on the 12th, but he had to cancel because Thomas wasn't "feeling too well". In the new version, it is Thomas who cancels the game instead, and on the day before the 19th.
  • Why the file is exclusive for Alyssa to pick up is never specified in-game.
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