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The 2F lobby (2Fロビー 2 F robī?)[1] is one of the rooms of the Raccoon Police Station that appears in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. This room sits between the Library and 2F west corridor.


Inside this room, there are two sets of couches and a vending machine in the corner. There is also a locked desk near the door to the library. There is also a vacant hallway that leads to a broom closet and a boarded off door with a small hole in it.


Resident Evil 2

During Claire's A scenario, she meets Leon in this room for the first time since entering the station. Once there, Leon will inform Claire that Sherry Birkin escaped through the small hole via the boarded up door. He will also give Claire a radio to keep in touch with her. When playing on Leon B's scenario, Leon will notice Sherry and chase her down the vacant hallway, where she leaves behind the Diamond Key. In Leon's A and Claire's B scenario, they will encounter a pack of zombies devouring another zombie on the floor.

Darkside Chronicles

This area is only visited briefly in Memory of a Lost City 2 when Leon and Claire are trying to catch up to Sherry, there is a Herb on top of the lockers next to the way to the Stone statue corridor, Shotgun ammo is laying on the same place except on the bottom of the lockers.

There is only one zombie in this room which is trying to attack Sherry. Once she gets to the Stone statue corridor, Leon/Claire break through the door to get to that corridor, something that differs greatly from the original game.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
News board on the left hand side None of this information looks useful.
The nailed door The door is nailed shut. It doesn't look like I can pass through here.




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