For the 2019 remake version, see Art Room.

The Art room (美術室 Bijutsu-shitsu?)[1] is a room featured in Resident Evil 2 located in the Raccoon Police Station.


This room is composed of multiple art designs scattered around the room. There's a armored statue similar to the one at the Stone statue corridor along with two woman relief on each side.


Some shotgun shells can be found between an oil painting where as an ink ribbon near the vase. The statue will reveal the King Plug (for Leon) or half of the Jaguar Stone (for Claire) by placing the two Virgin Heart at each woman relief that can be found at Operating room and 2F Northwest corridor.

In scenario B, a licker will burst from the upper glass.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Oil painting Nothing but an oil painting wrapped in cloth.
Picture with frame It's been neglected and is covered with dust.
Statue An armored stone statue. The stand reads: "Tyranos the brave revives with two lights."
Woman stone in between the Armored statue A woman relief. There's a hole about the size of a fist.




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