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The Conference room corridor (会議室前廊下 Kaigijitsu mae rōka?)[1] is an area of Raccoon Police Station feature in Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


This room consists of narrow pathways with windows that are boarded up. Blood is splattered around the room along with various miscellaneous items.


Resident Evil 2[]

During Leon A and Claire A, upon returning here with the Unicorn Medal, multiples zombies will reach their arms out through the broken barricades. If the players moves too close, they will be grabbed and shaken around a little before being released. These grabs don't do any damage to the character.

The south door leads to the 1F West corridor, the door in the middle of the hall leads to the Operations conference room, and the door on the east end leads to the Darkroom corridor.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis[]

Blocked off

Blocked off 1F Southwest corridor

The 1F northwest corridor connects with the 1F southwest corridor and the west wing stairway. On September 26 when the underground parking lot was overrun the RPD's officers tried desperately to blockade any windows that could allow further zombies into the building. They could only use the shutter system in the southwest corridor and the east hall corridor due to electrical malfunctions, for this reason the officers decided to barricade the door leading to the southeast corridor preventing any zombies from progressing further into the building if they managed to get through the southwest corridor windows.

On September 27 at 01:00pm the west barricade was broken through and 12 people were injured in the battle to keep the zombies out of the northwest corridor. The remaining officers put the injured officers in the Evidence room for shelter and the door leading to the west wing corridor was locked to prevent more zombies from gaining access to the evidence room.

On September 28 at 02:30am the injured officers in the evidence room succumbed to the virus and overan the West Office killing four more officers. David ford was one of the four officers killed but it is unknown whether he committed suicide or was killed in the attack. Marvin branagh was also injured in the attack and took shelter in the small off space in the West Office and later succumbed to the virus.

This room has many random events. The monsters for this room are five zombies or two zombie dogs. Also two Red Herbs may appear near the blocked off 1F Southwest corridor. If they aren't, they'll appear in the 2F west corridor.

Darkside Chronicles[]

The Operation Report 1 file is found in this room by shooting the boarded window once 3 zombies show up. The first time coming to this room, there are a total of 9 enemies, 2 of which are Lickers. 4 zombies are outside the station and will try to break through the windows, it's possible to "kill" them (the player will earn points), but once that's done they will remain standing in an unintentional manner.

When coming back to this room near the end of Memory of a Lost City 2, there will be another 9 zombies in this room. All of which can be killed if the player is fast enough. One of these zombies is grabbing Sherry and if the player takes too long to kill it, Sherry will die and it will result in a game over even if a First-aid spray is available.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
The window near 1F West corridor The window is boarded up.
The barricade The barricade appears to have been made in a hurry.
The panel near toward the Darkroom corridor Nothing strange.
The ventilation shaft A ventilation shaft. It's dark inside.
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
Location Localization Original Script
Plate near the Darkroom Corridor door Something is written here.
"Please keep quiet while meetings are in session!"


Panel near toward the west wing Nothing worth investigating. 特におかしなところはない
Ventilation shaft A ventilation shaft. It's dark inside. 通風口がある 中は真っ暗だ
Barricaded door toward the Southwest corridor The door is sturdily barricaded. 頑丈にバリケードが作られている
Window near the barricaded door The window is boarded up. 窓が ふさがれている



Darkside Chronicles
RE2 (2019)





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