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The Library (図書室 Tosho-shitsu?)[1] is an area of the Raccoon Police Station. This area is featured in Resident Evil 2 and its remake.


In the original, there are four book shelves that can be moved by switching the button. The stairs lead to another row of books and a door to the Main hall 3F. The books are filled with various content of chemistry and company data files on Umbrella. The door below the staircase at the far ends leads to the Main Hall 2F.



The four book shelves at the front are unable to be moved because the power is off. The power switch is located to the right in an enclosed area. It can be reached via the upper walkway by heading towards the dead end until reaching a section that will break, causing Leon or Claire to fall down. Inside that small area, there's a bronze plate with a picture of a warrior with it. There's a puzzle in this room where the four book shelves need to be moved according to the pattern on the plate. Switch the book shelf at the far left to the right and do the same with the book shelf next to it to open the bronze plate shutter, revealing a Bishop Plug for Leon and the Serpent Stone for Claire.


The Red Book can be acquired in the Library. In the Lounge, which is linked to the Library, the Unicorn Medallion and Police Station Upper Floors Map are obtainable. There are many zombies in the first floor, which will chase down Leon once spotted, even if he goes to different rooms.

One bookshelf there is being raised by a lift jack. So the Mechanic Jack Handle is required in order to progress to the door that leads to the Clock Tower.

The upper stairs of the Library also has doors which will lead the player to the West Storage Room.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
The movable book shelves A switch to slide the shelf left and right. Will you push it? Left/Right/No
Book shelves at the center None of these books appears to be useful.
Book shelves at the far end Company data files primarily on Umbrella Inc.
Book shelves at the top floor Many books on this shelf are about chemistry.
Bronze plate A bronze plate with picture on it.
Power switch Power switch to the shelf. Will you push it? Yes/No






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