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Polly Burton is the daughter of Barry and Kathy Burton. She also has an older sister[1] named Moira.[2]


Early life[]


The Burton family. It is not known which girl is Polly.

Polly lived in Raccoon City while her father served in the Special Tactics and Rescue Service. In July 1998, she; Moira and Kathy were targeted by Umbrella mole Albert Wesker. He threatened to have the three killed if Barry refused to help him cover-up the viral outbreak during "X-Day". The three were saved when Wesker went into hiding after faking his death. When it became clear Umbrella was now hunting down the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members; Kathy, Moira, and Polly were moved to Canada while Barry planned to investigate Umbrella HQ with Chris Redfield.[3][4]


Flashback 4

Polly, injured by Moira in the incident

Some time after the demise of the Umbrella corporation, Polly was accidentally shot by her sister Moira who had taken one of Barry's guns from an unlocked cabinet, leading him to scream at and blame Moira in the heat of the moment. Though she survived her injuries, the incident created a rift between Barry and Moira that continued for years, as well as gave Moira her phobia of firearms. Sometime later in 2013, Polly aided her father in trying to evacuate after learning about a global outbreak of the C-Virus, trying to fetch his jacket.



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