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Popokarimu appears twice throughout Resident Evil 5, once in the Mining Area, and again in the Caves. In the Mining Area, a cutscene of a Majini driving a steel-plated truck is shown. The truck crashes, killing the Majini, and blocking the path to continue, and Popokarimu jumps out of the vehicle. In the Caves, the Popokarimu flies down from an opening in the ceiling of the statue room.

It has a very large amount of health and its shell protects it from gunfire. It has the ability to take flight. While in the air, attacks are virtually useless unless one attacks its vulnerable tail.


Standing upright, it resembles that of a scorpion and it attacks as such. Along with a charge attack, Popokarimu has a body slam. As a ranged attack, the Popokarimu can spray a sticky substance from its tail.


When Popokarimu is on the ground chasing the players, use a Proximity Bomb to stun it. While it recovers, have both Chris and Sheva attack the fleshy underside of its tail. Repeat until defeated, and take note that it may fly up into the air, rendering the Proximity Bomb useless until it has returned to the ground. Note also however that shooting it's bat body will also still damage it, albeit at a much lower rate compared to its weak point in the tail. This should only be done if one has plenty of ammo to spare as not shooting it's weak point is an expensive affair or only a few more shots are needed to put it down.

If attempting to keep away from the Popokarimu in the Mining area, don't resort to using the little sheds containing items for cover, unless a small amount time is needed to heal or reload. A single swipe is enough to cause the sheds to collapse. It is generally easier to run from it to gain some room as it's not that fast of a mover, even while flying. But in an emergency, throwing a flash grenade at it will stun it long enough for one to get far enough from it. Also, while it is flying, it is very difficult to hurt or aim at, but a successful shot to its tail while it is in the air with a sufficiently powerful weapon will drop it and stun it in one hit.

When dealing with the Popokarimu in the Caves, dodge its attacks and run up the stairs. Before long the button mashing sequence will appear, requiring you to run away. Defeating the second Popokarimu without running away will grant the player the 'Soul Gem' treasure.

Aiming for the head in both using the Rocket Launcher without stunning it will usually kill it in one shot.

Popokarimu takes reduced damage from shotgun shells (around 40%) so use a rifle or a rapid-fire machine gun while it is stunned.

While trying to kill the Popokarimu by shooting it anywhere but the fleshy underside of the tail is usually futile, the S&W M500 (MAG) can slay it with 5-6 shots to the head.

A grenade launcher can be found shortly before you fight Popokarimu the second time. A few direct rounds will stun it leaving it open to a barrage to the tail. The grenade launcher should have enough ammo to kill it on normal. On veteran or higher you will still need to use other weapons. WARNING: Be sure not to get too close when firing the grenade launcher as its splash damage could severely injure you. You can also kill it by using flash rounds in your grenade launcher, it takes about 12-13 direct hits to kill them. A faster and cheaper way to dispose of them.

The Mercenaries 3DEdit

  • This creature appears in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D as a main boss in level 3-5, 5-5.
  • Unlike RE5, firing at the head with a Rocket Launcher in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D won't kill it.



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