Further notes
  • Popokarimu is the Swahili word for "caring bart".
  • It took Capcom three weeks to come up with the design and another month to create the in-game version.[citation needed]
  • The English version of Resident Evil 5 spells its name as "Popokarim" in the Figurines section of the Library.
  • Concept art of Popokarimu envisioned a hybrid creature in the vain of U-3, this time being a bat and silkworm fused together using the Plaga. These designs were changed when it was found to be too fantastic.[1]
  • The final in-game model has its weak spot, the abdomen, reflect light from the sun and glow red. This was a late addition to the game when play testers were observe fumbling their way through the first fight.[1]

Sources Edit

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