The Port ( minato?) is an area of Kijuju.[1] It is visited in "Chapter 2-1" of Resident Evil 5.


In the beginning of the area in the sewage tunnel, four seemingly dead bodies will be laying on the floor. Three of them will release automatically Kipepeo and one will get up and attack, but will also release a Kipepeo if damaged at all. On the other side is the Sapphire (Pear). There is a door with a padlock leading into a tunnel which has three rats inside.

Upon exiting the tunnel, there are some Majini moving around outside however, they will not attack, they only run and exit the area, foreshadowing they planned an ambush. In the large body of water, some piles of gold, and a Topaz (Pear) can be found. There is a B.S.A.A. Emblem wedged in the roof of a small green shack in the area. There are many shacks that be destroyed by explosions in the area with a chest surrounded by them containing a Ruby (Marquise), and an Emerald (Square) on the roof. The entrance to the center building has a padlock on it, but it can also be entered by a window in the back. Entering by the window can be useful because when the enemies ambush, they'll only have one way to enter. Inside the building is the Port key, taking it triggers a scene many Majini emerge to surround the building and attack the player.

In the area past the door the player uses the Port key on, in the water there is a Gold (large) and a Herb (green) on the deck. Once the player climbs back up to land, a scene will play where Kirk will arrive with a helicopter to assist the two going through the area. There is a B.S.A.A Emblem that can be seen in a window while standing on the roof of one of the building. The S75 (RIF) is in a case inside a building near the end of the area. The next location is the Shanty Town.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The hanging body Investigate He's been hanged from the ceiling. Not the end I'd wish for...

Further notes

Because of another level's name, this may be the place where Ndesu is later faced.




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