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Posh Braun (ポッシュ・ブラウン posshu buraun?) was a security guard for Philosophy University, a university located in Western Australia.[1]


Posh Braun first appeared investigating the university albeit in a terrified state, he later runs away after he see the infected creatures

Braun is found by Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance captain Chris Redfield, marksman Piers Nivans and Rebecca Chambers in the west side university. Shortly after, the museum enter a blackout and he has a hysterical breakdown and prays to God as a coping mechanism. Afterwards, Redfield asks if he knew what kind of situation the university is in right now but can only respond with his reasoning hiding in the bathroom. Chambers ask him what he was doing at the museum at the west area when the security office is in the east, he tells her that professor Ryan Howard has asked him to close the museum and explains that he got a call at the security office mentioning the professor was in the research lab on the 4th floor but told him to close it anyway. After hearing the suspicion that Howard could be the center of the incident, he objects, saying how he will never lie being related to the incident but is ignored by everyone. Redfield ask him to show the shortcut to the research lab, he cooperates with but is adamant on Howard's innocence. However, during the civil commotion, a zombie bites his ankle to which Redfield quickly puts it down. Shocked, he questioned the group why they killed the zombified Betty, who is the only one to have ever given him affection on Valentine's Day in the university, Redfield points out that the Betty now wasn't the one he know anymore. Nivans asked if he was bitten, to which he answers yes. He has another hysteria moment stem from the darkness, the accusation on Howard and the recent death of Betty and keeps talking out of control as a coping mechanism to which Nivans finds it irritating but Chambers quickly puts it down.

After receiving a phone call from the student Mary Grey, Chambers asks Braun if he can open the fire shutter in the audio visual room to let a student named Olivia Price in. He opens the door which allow both of them to fight off the zombies and escape the room they were trapped in. After they were able to fight off, Gray orders Chambers to which she tells him to close the door now. The fire shutter shut, trapping the remaining zombies inside. Chambers greatly appreciated Braun to which he replies he is happy to help. He later guide the group to Howard's research lab.

Sometime later, they find the Irish giant fossil, Chambers explain that it was found more than a century ago in the mines of Northern Ireland. Braun explains that Howard is the leader of the project that research the fossil. Suddenly ambushed by the zombified occupants, Redfield orders Braun to lock down to which he immediately does so, trapping the zombies inside. Braun goes on a ramble how Howard is the expert on fossil excavation and how his known international profession can prove him as nothing related to the incident. Noticing something strange about the fossil, Redfield push it aside as he founds a hidden saferoom much to Braun's shock, the trio then enters the saferoom to find Umbrella's data about Bio Organic Weapon and Tyrant Virus, Braun asks about the company with Redfield answers that it's a pharmaceutical company that doesn't exist anymore, and it's use as the research and development of BOW and how the it is still spreading around even with their destruction back in 2003. After Chambers explaining her past with Tyler Howard and Barrington Meyer taking her hostage threatening to kill her should any information about the university leak outside, Braun and Redfield got locked inside the room and the ceiling above them descends, Braun hurriedly directs Redfield to the safe point and they both escape from being crushed.

The pair reach into the backdoor of Howard's research lab, which is connected from the hidden safe room. Braun tries to alert Redfield of the agent's presence but was unable to in time. After a brief fight between Redfield and Howard, they were joined with Sophie Home, Nivans and the student Lucas Butler. During the debate who is the culprit for the incident, Braun finds an authentication system inside Howard's desk, Howard uses his necklace to open it, revealing the missing students inside the test tube, which they are zombified. A fight enrages between the living and the dead, Braun defends himself against the zombies, when he tries drag the zombified Price off of Butler, he was unsuccessful in saving Butler as he is bitten. After the fight and Butler's death, Braun carries the injured Home to safety.

His leg starts to get hurt and Nivans offers to carry him but Braun seeing it only makes them slowdown, he ushers them to leave and save Rebecca, Nivans refuses to leave him behind with Home volunteering to stay and protect him.

Home carries Braun to safety. When they are safe, Braun tells Home about his childhood, how he used to be stronger back then and fantasized about his image in the past that led him to be an security guard ends with his frustration due to inability to fulfill his duty. They are surprised by Chambers, who has managed to get away from Meyer, asks Braun to show his wound, she prepares the herbs. Chambers sprays his wounds and give him a First Aid Spray in case of an emergency. Chambers warns Home that Meyer could still be in pursuit Braun started to show symptoms, scratching and delirious, he hastily takes out the spray and uses it which proven ineffective. As his last wish, he pleads Home to kill him which she reluctantly complies. This left her heartbroken and she start to sing the lullaby in honor of him.

After Meyer's arrival and a short conversation between Home and the detective, the zombified Braun bites into Meyer's ankle, which cause him to turn and killed when Home puts a bullet in his head. Chambers thanked Braun for saving them before Home shoots Braun as an act of mercy.