"A large capacity power cable for use with large machinery."
— Item examination - English
"大型機械に使われる容量の大きい電力ケーブルだ "
— Item examination - Japanese

The Power Cable (電力ケーブル Denryoku kēburu?) is a key item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It appears as a set of electrical cables.


The power cable is one of the three necessary components that Jill Valentine needs to power the cable car in order to get it work. The power cable can be found in a damaged car parked in a garage in downtown Raccoon City. Jill must examine the hood of the car where sparks are coming out of the engine in order to obtain the power cable. The message "It seems to be charging the battery." will come out before picking up the cable. Once in possession of the power cable, she can use it to provide power to the cable car.


Specific sign, that power cable is present at the parking lot or absent at the tram is the noise of sparks. The description of the cable's dislocation at the tram's tool panel is "The Power Cable is disconnected.".

After the cable is set to the tram's panel, blue cord seen in it changes its view to the repaired one and the sound of the spark disappears. This action discards the cable from the Jill's inventory.




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