The Power distribution room passage (配電室前通路 haiden-shitsu zen tsūro?)[1] is an area of the Antarctic Base.


This corridor is an S-shaped corridor, with the Hall vestibule and underground power distribution room doors located against one another on the northwest side, with the door to the sterilisation room on the south-east. The corridor is frozen due to the facility no longer being able to retain its warm temperature.


Two Green Herbs and a Blue Herb can be found in this corridor. The Blue Herb is on the north-east side approaching the underground power distribution room, while the two Green Herbs are found together on the south-west side leading to the sterilisation room.[2]


Location Localisation Original Script
Extinguisher cabinet It hasn't been used for quite a long time.
Door to the sterilization room It's locked. This should open if power were to be supplied...




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