Power room passage A (動力室通路A?)[1] is an area on the Arklay Laboratory's B3 level.


This is the first power room area venture, the panel to operate the black-out areas can be found at the right side of this room. The door to the Power room passage B can be located on the left side of this room. In Remake, a fuel supply is use here as it's supply to the Power Room and generate power.



Playing as either Chris/Jill's scenario, player will face three Chimera around the power room passage. A power panel can be located on the far right side of the passage which can operate to activated the black-out areas. Next, player can head toward the Power room passage B through the door on the left side of the passage.


One Chimera will be face first by going to the left. Head to the refueling device and grab the empty capsule. The capsule is to be refueled all the way back at the Researcher's private room, before being placed here again. Once it's refueled, player must avoid running or shooting since the capsule is filled with Nitro compound which can explode (instant death) if either shaken or jarred.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Power supply panel A power panel. Some areas do not have power. Will you activate the blacked-out area? Yes/No
Power supply panel (Activate) It shows the power supply status.
Resident Evil (2002)
Refueling device "WARNING: Fuel may explode if shaken or jarred"A refueling device for the power room. It's not working right now because there's no fuel. There's an empty capsule.
Refueling device (After the Fuel supply capsule is placed) Fuel seem to have been supplied to the power room.
Furnace A fire is blazing steadily. Could this be some kind of furnace?









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