The Prelude is the opening scenario to Resident Evil 6, serving as a tutorial stage.

Taking place in Lanshiang, the scenario copies a section of Leon Chapter 5, but is changed to incorporate more of the game's mechanics. The player character of this scenario is Leon S. Kennedy.


Before life and death in Lanshiang, China, Leon and his new partner, Helena fall into the car. Helena was unconscious and Leon was managed to get her out there.

Waking up outside supposidly under attack from a helicopter, Leon wakes up and drags Helena into a nearby building where he continues to support her until he is able to find a herb and combine it to make Health Tablets for her. Upon doing this, he gets ambushed by a BSAA zombie, dispatching it quickly with its knife. Now able to walk, the two make their way outside after Ingrid Hannigan suggests a route for them, only to narrowly escape an explosion by jumping into a nearby helicopter.

Leon takes over control of the vehicle as the pilot dies, however he turns into a zombie and attacks Helena, prompting Leon to finish him off, before the helicopter crashes into a building, despite his best efforts. Surviving the crash, they make their way into a large chamber where something large appears in front of them. Leon remarks "Back for more?" and then the prelude ends.


see: Life or Death


Leon: "C'mon, it's not over yet."

"Hang in there, Helena."

Helena: "I'll only slow you down. Just go."

Leon: "You're not gettin' off that easy. Come on."

"After all we've been through, it'd be a waste to give up now."

"Let's try this way."

"We're almost through this."

"Let's take a break."

"There's gotta be a first aid kit in here somewhere."

"Makes me sick seein' good soldiers die like this."

Hannigan (via radio): "Leon! Are you there?"

Leon: "Hunnigan!"

Hannigan (via radio): "Good to hear you're OK. Where's Helena?"

Leon: "She's not doin' too good. She needs medical attention."

Hannigan (via radio): "Do you have any herbs left?"

Leon: "A few. But I'm not sure they'll help."

Hannigan (via radio): "Okay, listen. Just follow my instructions."

Leon: "Hold on, Helena."

see: We're Not Done Yet


If you use all your ammunition

Leon: "Damn! I have no ammo!"

After killing the zombie

Leon: "Can't let your guard down for a second."

see: Ingrid Hunnigan


Hannigan (via radio): "I've sent over the Field Guide to your PDA. You can always refer to that in a pinch."

Afte an explosion

Leon: "What the hell!"

After opening to the street

Leon: "Hunnigan! Can we make it to the tower this way?"

Hannigan (via radio): "Yes. Just keep moving in that direction."

After a zombie breaks the barrier

Leon: "They're comin' out of woodwork!"

Plane drops from the building

Helena: "Leon, look!"

Leon: "Run!"

BSAA chopper comers around

BSAA Soldier: "Over here! Get in!"

Leon: "Shit!"

see: Time for a New Pilot


Helena: "Pull up!"

Leon: "C'mon, c'mon. Pull up!"

Helena: "This thing isn't gonna hold up much longer!"

Leon: "Just a few more blocks!"

Helena gets attacked by the zombie BSAA soldier

Leon: "Helena!"

The helicopter hits a building

Leon: "Hold on!"

After escaping the falling chandelier

Leon: "You all right!?"

Helena: "Yeah."

After entering the tower

Helena: "Something doesn't feel right."

see: It's Only Going to Get Worse

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Further notes

There are a couple differences in Chapter 5:

  • Helena wasn't too weak to walk on her own
  • The helicopter is actually piloted by Ada Wong and doesn't attack them
  • Leon doesn't speak about the dead BSAA agent
  • Helena doesn't need medical attention
  • Derek C. Simmons is in his human form when the two arrive in the chamber


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