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Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game 
Premier Pack

Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game is a Bandai-produced card game released in December 2010. The base game was subtitled Premier edition to better differentiate it from its expansion packs and the standalone expansion, Alliance.

Card Nomenclature


List of all Cards of Premier Pack

CH-000 - Character Cards
WE-000 - Weapon Cards
AC-000 - Action Cards
MA-000 - Mansion Cards
AM-000 - Ammunition Cards
IT-000 - Item Cards

Character Cards

CH-001 Albert Wesker
CH-002 Leon S. Kennedy
CH-003 Claire Redfield
CH-004 Sheva Alomar
CH-005 Barry Burton
CH-006 Ada Wong
CH-007 Jack Krauser
CH-008 Chris Redfield
CH-009 Jill Valentine
CH-010 Rebecca Chambers

Weapon Cards

WE-001 Grenade
WE-002 Longbow
WE-003 Submission
WE-004 Combat Knife
WE-005 Survival Knife
WE-006 Six Shooter
WE-007 Gatling Gun
WE-008 Rocket Launcher
WE-009 Handgun
WE-010 Burst-Fire Handgun
WE-011 Assault Machine Gun
WE-012 Full-Bore Machine Gun
WE-013 Pulp-Action Shotgun
WE-014 Automatic Shotgun
WE-015 Bolt-Action Rifle
WE-016 Semi-Automatic Rifle

Action Cards

AC-001 Mansion Foyer
AC-002 Deadly Aim
AC-003 Shattered Memories
AC-004 Escape From the Dead City
AC-005 Reload
AC-006 The Merchant
AC-007 Umbrella Corpotarion
AC-008 Back to Back
AC-009 Item Management
AC-010 Ominous Battle
AC-011 Master of Unlocking
AC-012 Struggle for Survivor

Mansion Cards

MA-018 Time Bonus+1
MA-019 Time Bonus+2
MA-020 Time Bonus+3
MA-021 Combo Bonus
MA-012 Rocket Launcher Case
MA-013 Gatling Gun Case
MA-001 Majini
MA-002 Zombie (Male)
MA-003 Zombie (Female)
MA-004 Zombie Butcher
MA-005 Bui Kichwa
MA-006 Licker
MA-007 Nemesis (T-Type)
MA-008 Hunter
MA-009 Mimicry Marcus
MA-010 Uroboros Aheri
MA-011 Dr.Salvador
MA-014 Gatling Gun Majini
MA-015 Cerberus
MA-016 El Gigante
MA-017 Executioner

Ammunition Cards

AM-001    Ammo x10
AM-002    Ammo x20
AM-003    Ammo x30

Item Cards

IT-001 Green Herb
IT-002 Yellow Herb
IT-003 First Aid Spray

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