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The President of the United States (POTUS) is the highest executive office within the US federal government responsible as, among other things, the Commander-in-Chief of the US military. Presidents are elected every four years for a maximum of two consecutive or non-consecutive terms. Several Presidents have played a role in the course of the Prime continuity, as well as others.

Prime continuity[]

President Washington (1789–1797)[]


The 1st President of the United States

President George Washington - Founding father and 1st president of the United States of America. The state of Washington and the city of Washington, D.C. were named after him. A large portrait of President Washington could be seen framed in the lobby of the White House, as well a secondary one in the meeting room.[1]

President Adams (1797–1801)[]

President John Adams - Founding father and 2nd president of the United States of America. A portrait of President Washington could be seen framed in the meeting room of the White House.[1]

President Madison (1809–1817)[]

President James Madison - Founding father and 4th president of the United States of America. A portrait of President Washington could be seen framed in the meeting room of the White House.[1]

President Monroe (1817-1829)[]

President James Monroe - Founding father and 5th president of the United States of America. A portrait of President Washington could be seen framed in the meeting room of the White House.[1]

President Lincoln (1861-1865)[]

President Abraham Lincoln - The 16th president of the United States of America. A portrait of President Lincoln could be seen framed in the Oval Office of the White House during the Graham administration.[1]

Unnamed President #1 (1997-1998)[]

Degen - President

The 43rd President of the United States

Winning the quadrennial presidential election in 1996, this president is presumed to have been aware of Umbrella Corporation's rampant bribery within the federal government and/or their bioweapons dealings with the United States Army. In 1998, he gave a brief statement regarding the viral outbreak in Raccoon City where he declined to answer questions from the press regarding Umbrella's potential involvement.

On the early hours of October 1, the president conceded to the demands of a congressional committee consisting of Derek C. Simmons and Ron Davis, which called for the eradication of the city and it's remaining inhabitants through the use of an experimental thermobaric missile. This was done in an attempt to both contain the outbreak and eliminate possible evidence that could expose the governments involvement in the incident. Following this, the president immediately and infamously resigned from office.[2]

Unnamed President #2 (1998-2004)[]

Elected as vice president in 1996. He was sworn into office when his predecessor resigned, becoming the 44th president. This administration was active in it's stance against the use of bioweapons domestically and abroad, leading to the formation of the Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team under the United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) and the executive order known as the Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol No. 7600. This administration was dedicated to maintaining secrecy regarding the existence and usage of bioweapons following the Raccoon City disaster and engaged in a numerous amount of clandestine black operations domestic and international, as well as and the complete dissolution of Umbrella USA through an Indefinite Suspension of Business decree and the liquidation of all it's assets within the United States.

This president most likely won a second term in 2000, as he was still incumbent during Operation Javier,[3] controversially leading the United States into a ground invasion of Penamstan. In the wake of the September 11th terror attacks and an overall increase of bioterrorism in the War on Terror (such as the Spencer Rain ransom incident), this administration oversaw the formation of the the Federal Bioterrorism Commission under FPC advisor Morgan Lansdale.

President Graham (2004-2009)[]

See Graham for more information.

Infinite Darkness e1 POTUS

The 45th President of the United States

President Graham (first name unknown) had a friendly relationship with US-STRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy. Early into his tenure, Graham both assigned Kennedy to his presidential detail and tasked him with leading the rescue of his daughter, Ashley Graham, who had been kidnapped by the Los Iluminados cult.[4][5] During his presidency, Graham would oversee the federal response to a rash of bioterror attacks within the United States, including the St. Cloud incident and Harvardville Airport incident in 2005,[2][6] as well as the Philadelphia incident[7] and Penamstan Conspiracy Incidents in 2006, the latter of which was orchestrated in part by Graham's own defense secretary, Wilson in an attempt to provoke a war with China.[1]

Graham's administration took a less secretive stance with the public in regard to the handling and existence of bioweapons and incidents, particularly in light of controversy surrounding WP's t-Virus trials in India and the widely publicized Terragrigia Panic. However, the administration still remained tight-lipped in so far as the government's own involvement in bioterror incidents, both past-and-present, continuing to withold the cover-ups surrounding the Raccoon City disaster, Operation Javier and the actions of DSOTUS Wilson. Graham would only serve a single term, whether he simply chose not to run again or was defeated in the 2008 elections by his opponent is unknown.

Unnamed President #3 (2009-2011)[]

The 46th president of the United States. Resigned from office in January of 2011.

President Benford (2011-2013)[]

See Adam Benford for more information.

Adam Benford

The 47th President of the United States

President Adam Benford was a former Army intelligence officer who oversaw the quarantine of Raccoon City starting on September 25th, 1998 and personally interrogated survivors of the incident, including Sherry Birkin[8] and rookie officer Leon S. Kennedy, the latter of whom he threatened and coerced into working for the government.[9][10] Later in 2002, he served as head director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In 2008, Benford became officially involved in electoral politics, becoming the running mate of his predecessor before assuming office himself in 2011.

A month into his presidency, the Benford administration worked alongside the Russian Federation to help broker peace in the Eastern Slav Republic following a bloody civil war.[11] Not long after, he established the Division of Security Operations, which usurped the agents and operations of the defunct Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team. By this point, Benford had softened significantly from his days in the military and any bad blood between him and Kennedy had long since dissipated, with the two having come to view each other as close friends. Benford won the bid for his 2012 re-election, but was assassinated in June of the following year whilst at a rally in Tall Oaks on the orders of lifelong friend Derek C. Simmons, due to his intention of coming clean to the public about the government's involvement in the Umbrella Corporation's illicit activities surrounding the Raccoon City disaster.[12]

Unnamed President #4 (2013-2017/20?)[]

The 48th president of the United States, assumed the office in 2013 following Benford's assassination and presumably carried out the remaining term of his predecessor. Under this administration, influence and control of the executive wing by The Family was resumed through the new Vice President.[13] It is unknown if he served a single term or was re-elected for a second, but his administration would be largely responsible for the cleanup of the 2012-2013 Global Bioterrorist Attacks, giving aid to the Edonia Republic while also dealing with the blow from further bioterror attacks such as the Mojave incident, the Great Lakes murders, the New York bioterrorist attack and the San Francisco murders/Alcatraz incident.

Unnamed President #5 (2017/20-202?)[]

The 49th and presumably current President of the United States.

Other continuities[]