Palacio Presidencial
The Presidential Palace is the oligarchs' seat of power in the East Slavic Republic. Located in the town of Holigrad, president Svetlana Belikova and her generals plan to move for the country's independence and membership to the international community.


During the events of the East Slavic Civil War, Ada Wong (posing as a member of the B.S.A.A.) meets with president Svetlana Belikova and her generals. During this meeting, Ada reveals the nature of the Control Plaga to Svetlana, explaining how it can be used to control B.O.W.s (such as Lickers.

Presidential Palace

Ada Wong meets with Svetlana in the palace.

After returning from her meeting with Leon, Ada is confronted by Svetlana, who by now has realized that the spy has no ties to the B.S.A.A. The two women engage in hand-to-hand combat, during which Svetlana reveals that she is a combat instructor. The duel ends when Ada (realizing that she is outmatched) attempts to escape only to discover that the president's office also acts as a lift down to the B.O.W. Lab. Shortly after, Ada is subdued and confined within the underground facility, though she later escapes.

As the events within the palace transpire, Buddy sends his Lickers in a full-out assault against the palace, utterly decimating the guards. By the time Leon arrives, scenes of the brutal slaughter decorate the palace grounds and much of the palace itself.

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