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"The LORD'S judgement!"

This unnamed man was a Priest belonging to an unspecified Christian denomination. He was the priest for Raven's Gate Church in Raccoon City, and died in September 2002.


When the T-virus spread out of control in Raccoon City, the Priest's sister was infected and became an Undead. Rather than kill her, he instead cut up the corpse of a dead man so she could be fed while strapped to a chair in his study. The Priest was discovered by police officer Jill Valentine, who had taken shelter with several others. When Valentine refused to hear out the Priest's pleas to spare his sister, he stood in front of her gun. In turning his back, however, his sister broke free and attacked him, forcing Valentine to kill both.

Further notes

  • In an extended scene, the priest quoted Jeremiah 6:19,[2] citing that the Undead were the start of the end of times because the people have rejected God's laws. Terri recorded his speech and said it would make the "final cut".
  • In the same scene, during Jill's investigation of the church, the Priest was pulled aside by Peyton to talk.