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The Priest is a character who appears only in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.


Though not much is known about the Priest, he was the head of Raven's Gate Church and had a sister. When the Undead started to sweep across the city, the Priest hid inside his church along with his sister. The Priest was suspicious that the T-Virus outbreak was a punishment from God. When the Undead numbers grew rapidly, a cowardly telemarketer named Angus begged the Priest to let him hide in the church, which he agreed. However, soon his sister was infected (most likely, she was bitten and didn't tell him). Loving his sister with all his heart and knowing she will soon become an Undead, he was forced to tie her to a chair in his office.

When Raccoon City was completely sealed off, Jill Valentine, Peyton Wells, and Terri Morales went into the church for shelter and barricaded the entrance with Angus' help. The Priest did not know that Lickers were somehow in his church. After hearing yells, Jill went to the back of the room into the Priest's office and discovered his sister's zombified corpse tied in a chair. The Priest had been feeding his sister the bodies of dead church goers, which Jill discovers. He walks into his office, clutching a Bible, asking why Jill is there. He asks for Jill to leave them alone and his sister breaks through the ropes she was tied in and goes after Jill. She raises her gun at her head, but the Priest steps in front of his siter in defense and is bitten in the neck by her. Jill is forced to shoot him and the Undead in the head. Her and the rest of the group (besides Angus, who was killed by a Licker) are saved by Alice. It is likely that very little people would visit his church as the Priest said in a deleted scene that many rejected his teachings and God is bringing the dead to life as punishment for few people listening to him.

Further notes

  • In an extended scene, the priest quoted Jeremiah 6:19,[2] citing that the Undead were the start of the end of times because the people have rejected God's laws. Terri recorded his speech and said it would make the "final cut".
  • In the same scene, during Jill's investigation of the church, the Priest was pulled aside by Peyton to talk.


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