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Priest (神父 Shinpu?) was a Roman Catholic priest who ran a chapel in Raccoon City.


The priest helped look after Raccoon City's homeless community, which included children, and was a well-regarded figure.[1] During the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the priest was infected with a strain of t-Virus after being attacked by a Zombie and bitten on his hand. Choosing not to flee the city or seek others for medical attention, he remained at the chapel in the East District, praying. During the outbreak, he was met by Dr. Linda Pearl of the Raccoon General Hospital, who was stranded in the city streets from a car crash. Dr. Pearl treated his wound and left, though the priest insisted on remaining.[2] The priest soon after disappeared, possibly becoming a Zombie. Three homeless children, George, Nancy and Tom, entered the building to find him absent.[1]


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