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Priscilla McGee was a child who lived in Raccoon City, Pennsylvania in the 1990s, and was one of the first victims of the "cannibal killings". She was the younger sister of Becky McGee.


Born around 1991,[1] Priscilla met her new neighbor, Jill Valentine, shortly after she moved into the city when she and Becky lost their dog.

On 7 July 1998, Priscilla and Becky left a family picnic in the afforested Victory Park. Soon after they were discovered dead - Priscilla was eviscerated and had her flesh ripped from her limbs while alive. She bled to death.[2] The news of their deaths left Jill deeply saddened.

Further notes

Priscilla McGee is based on "Priscilla", a character briefly mentioned in the novel BIOHAZARD THE BEGINNING. Both are shoutouts to Priscilla McGee, who worked with Capcom's marketing department to publicise Resident Evil 2.


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