Prison (監獄 Kangoku?) is a stage in Resident Evil 5's "Mercenaries" mode. The boss on the stage is The Executioner (Red) and Big Man Majini. Unlike any of the other stages in Resident Evil 5, Prison's map is unique to The Mercenaries.

Map layout

The action takes place, as the name suggests, in a large prison, surrounded by volcanoes. Narrow hallways abound, making grenades, land mines, and shotguns very useful.


With this unique level comes a unique enemy not seen in the campaign: a red and much tougher version of the Executioner, with a flaming axe. However, Plagas parasite sticks out of his back, and inflicting any damage on it is usually enough to stagger this Executioner. After he is killed, ordinary Executioners and Red Executioners will spawn in. Should be noted that the regular Executioner from the Prison has more health than the Executioner from the Public Assembly. Only one Executioner appears at time, either regular or Red.



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