The prison building passage is a room in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.[1]


A passageway surrounding the main prisoner building. During H.C.F.'s attack on Rockfort Island, the neighboring building was severely damaged and caught fire.


Upon entering the area, there is a gate to the west that is locked with a padlock. Down the main passage is a deck that the player can climb onto. At the far end of the deck is a Green Herb. The door on the deck leads to the prison building assembly hall.

Further down the passage, there is a dead body on the ground. When approaching the body, a short scene will play where the body is dragged underneath the prisoner building. At the end of the passage is the other side of the gate and a doorway leading to guillotine square.

After leaving the prisoner building

If the player enters the prisoner building before visiting guillotine square, a short scene will play upon walking down from the deck where Claire Redfield is stalked by a creature from underneath the deck.

After leaving guillotine square

Upon returning from guillotine square, the camera angle along the passage will change. Near the corner of the building, a zombie dog will burst out from underneath the prisoner building and another will approach from the other side of the building. If the player retrieved the Padlock Key from the guillotine, it can be used on the northern side of the gate.


Location Localization Original script
Materials near the north door Abandoned materials are piled up here. Nothing useful.
Gate (northern side) It's been locked with a padlock.
Trail of blood There is a big hole in the wire netting... There is a bloodstain under the eaves.
Gate (western side) It's been locked from the other side with a padlock. It can't be opened from this side.
Gate (northern side with Padlock Key) It's been locked with a padlock. Use the Padlock Key? (Y/N)
You no longer need to use this key. Discard the Padlock Key? (Y/N)






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