Prisoner's Journal (囚人の日記?) is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2.


The file can be found lying on the ground, inside one of the prison cells either as Barry or Natalia during Episode 1: Penal Colony.


(Written in Russian)

August 7

How many days has it been since I've been locked up here?

They torture us daily. "Experiments," they call it.
To what end?

I hope they didn't get anyone else.

August 8

My poor, poor brother is trapped in this hell with me.

Today they burned off his left arm with some fire-breathing contraption, and then used a bladed one to chop off his left leg.

Said they're gonna do the same to his remaining limbs tomorrow.

He begged me to put him out of his pain. Can't get those words outta my head.

I'm pretty shaken up. Doesn't help that the damned guard said if he dies, I take his place. Is there no end to our suffering?

August 9
Looks like the day I have dreaded has arrived.

I can no longer hear my brother. But the guard's footsteps-- he's coming this way!

I should have prayed for death when I had the chance.

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