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The Private Anti-Biohazard Service was a state-sanctioned paramilitary force which was founded in 2002 to deal with the Umbrella Corporation and Bio Organic Weaponry. Its only known operation was in 2003 when it took part in a classified raid in the Caucasus. Following the collapse of Umbrella at the end of the Raccoon Trials that same year, the group's members founded the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance.


In the years following the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the Umbrella Corporation suffered a long, arduous demise as rogue employees and rival organisations stole its illegal bioweapons research for their own purposes. While in the 1990s world governments gave free reign to Umbrella's operations in exchange for weapons sales, by 2002 it was a political mine field governments both seeking Umbrella's downfall but unwilling to allow their prior knowledge be exposed. In 2002 a private force was assembled with the backing of several pharmaceutical companies, who publicly wanted to be seen as condemning the bio-weapons research Umbrella was conducting but privately sought to obtain research data during raids.[1][excerpt 1] Security leaks from Umbrella determined that global B.O.W. trafficking operations led to the Caucasus mountain range, leading to the involvement of the Russian Federation.

By early 2003, Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) had agreed to collaborate with the anti-biohazard service, knowing that any deployment of the army would risk the exposure of Russia's own relationship with Umbrella, having provided them with a chemical plant in 1998 which housed top-secret Soviet-era laboratories. After weeks of stalling over the possibility of a Spetsnaz GRU raid, evidence of an outbreak at the facility was the final straw and FSB gave the go-ahead for the raid.[2] Multiple helicopters were provided for the mission, and the strike force was effective in taking control of the chemical plant and its laboratories, but failed to obtain any of Umbrella's research which had already been stolen.

Nothing is known of this organisation following the raid, and it is possible it was formally disbanded with the bankruptcy of Umbrella Corporation. In its absence, the increasing use of B.O.W.s by terrorist organisations led to the establishment of the Biohazard Security Assessment Alliance, of which at least two members of the private group were founding members.


As a special task force, they were required to use military grade weaponry and equipment. They wore kevlar vests and helmets along with a full arsenal of tactical vests and gear. They were armed with TMP SMG's, and were transported using MI-24 Hind gunships. They all carried tactical radios.

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