Umbrella armed their PrivSols routinely.

A Private Institution Soldier ("PrivSol") was a member of security or a paramilitant for a private, non-governmental organization.

As a security forceEdit

Umbrella had PrivSols at most, if not all, of their branches to ensure that the true nature of their work did not reach the public. The basic PrivSol worked for The Umbrella Security Forces.

The earliest known usage of these PrivSols was during the Mansion Incident in which the Arklay Laboratory's security guards are given orders to shoot any, potentially-infected, researchers from escaping from the facility. However, they are eventually killed by the infected creatures.

Claire encountered these guards when raiding the Paris Medical Lab in December 1998. The security force was heavily-armed and used a helicopter as a gunship to try and take her down. They suffered from many casualties during their stunts (And Claire's quick thinking). It was here that Rodrigo Juan Raval, the leader of the 3rd Security unit captured Claire and sent her to a concentration camp on Rockfort Island who was (One of the privsols knocked her unconscious upon arrival) also policed by the division. However, the Security and Staff on Rockfort Island are wiped out when a rival "Organization" bombed the facility and released the t-Virus.

Oswell E. Spencer's personal bodyguards stood by his side until 2006 when they are murdered by Albert Wesker.

The members of the Umbrella Security Forces are generally shady which made them perfect guards to protect Umbrella's immoral practices. They are well equipped and depending on the location and nature of their post are seen wearing military fatigues or a standard security "police type" uniform with a tie.

As a paramilitary organizationEdit

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Umbrella operated the UBCS as an anti-biohazard unit of mercenaries sent in to biohazard sites to eliminate BOWs and irregular mutants (e.g. Zombies).

As a bio-weapons testEdit

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The Trashsweepers were part of a program to develop troops able to clean-up the mess left after a biohazardous outbreak. Led by a human commander, a unit was sent in to Sheena Island to destroy all evidence and witnesses to Umbrella's involvement.

As a Special. Ops divisionEdit

Main article: Umbrella Security Service

The USS was a special force within the company, hired for covert missions. One such example was the U.S.S. Alpha Team's mission into Raccoon City, where it made its way into the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory undetected to capture samples of the G-Virus.

Known MembersEdit

Rodrigo Juan Raval- The leader of the guards at the Paris lab facility, personally responsible for Claire Redfield's capture. He later freed her after the island was attacked by Wesker and the HCF which he was critically injured. She later brought him a vial of hemostatic medicine and let him keep her lighter as a gift. He gave her a lockpick in return. Later, when Chris Redfield arrived, he told him that she probably escaped in one of the planes that took off earlier (Although this was true, he did not know that.) before being attacked by the Gulp Worm and swallowed whole by it. Chris killed it and it spat him back out before dying. He gave the lighter back to him that Claire gave him as thanks for helping her.

2 Unnamed guards- These 2 guards chased Claire through the corridors of the facility. But, they are accidentally killed by a MH-6 helicopter trying to kill Claire.

15 unnamed guards- These guards are waiting for Claire after she escaped from the helicopter. They aimed their weapons at her and just as she was about to give up, she spotted some flammable tanks which she used to her advantage (After performing a tricky maneuver where she dropped the gun, fell to the floor and caught it before it hit the floor), shot the tanks 3 times which exploded and killed or seriously injured them all.

Unknown Umbrella prison guard- After Claire was captured, he led her to the cell, removed the handcuffs and the sack from her head while telling her that her ID number was (WKD4496) before knocking her unconscious with the stock of his rifle and as she lost consciousness, he talked to another unseen guard about her. Since he was not seen again, it could be assumed that he died in the following attack along with most of the other guards.


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