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The Private Residence (私邸 shitei?) was one of two large mansions on Rockfort Island owned by the Ashford family. It served as an alternative to the official residence, which was effectively used as an administration.


The private residence was built under Alfred Ashford's orders in 1994.[1] Alfred developed a split personality based on his missing sister, Alexia, and banned anyone from visiting the residence in order to protect 'her'. This included even his own secretary, Robert Dawson, who he later had interred at the nearby prison complex.[2]

The mansion, neglected, began to fall apart in the late 1990s. With an underground passage to the mansion destroyed by a cave-in, Alfred had the local prisoners construct a bridge linking the private and official residences, crossing a valley. To keep the building a perpetual secret to the island residents, the prisoners were executed following the bridge's completion.[3]

In December 1998, H.C.F., a paramilitary run by a rival company to Umbrella, attacked the island, believing that Alexia has returned and seeking her t-Veronica Virus, not knowing that it was Alfred cross-dressing as her because of mental illness he developed as a result of being alone for fifteen years.


Resident-evil-the-darkside-chronicles-20090622091013880 640w

This giant mutilated doll hangs suspended in the main hall of the private residence. It is supposed to symbolize Alfred's obsession with Alexia.

Unlike the palace which is decorated in accordance with Alfred's military tastes, his private house has been furnished heavily to appease his Alexia persona, with many dolls and childish toys on display, including one particularly large grotesque horrific doll suspended in the main hall. The ground floor dining room appears to have not been used in some time, while the third floor bedrooms of Alfred and Alexia are linked by a hidden door, with both featuring hidden ladders to a fourth floor with a working carousel, which itself hides access to a fifth floor study. The residence is a towering Gothic house built on a hill overlooking the official residence. The house had fallen into some disrepair by the time of the Rockfort attack likely due to Alfred's insistence that none save himself and his sister be allowed entrance, and as such many areas such as the entire second floor past the main hall appear to be inaccessible.

Further notes[]

  • The appearance of the house and its role as home to a cross dressing killer, is very likely a homage to Alfred Hitchcock's famous movie, Psycho.