The Alexia's bedroom (アレクシア寝室?)[1] is an area of the private residence on Rockfort Island.


The bedroom is filled with exquisite decorations, a shelf with are stored with antique dolls, a music box and a relief which resemble a goddess.


A playing music box can be turned off, which causes the bed to raises and reveal a silver key. The music box will also closed, unable the player to obtain the music plate. The player is require to find the Queen Ant Object to open the music box again.


Location Localization Original script
Shelf Antique dolls are on display here. They could be Alexia's...
The ladder (Ceiling is sealed) The hole in the ceiling has been sealed...
Relief A relief. It seems to resemble a goddess.
Furnisher There are gorgeous furnishings here. Nothing useful.
Music box The music box is playing a beautiful melody. Something is written on the back of the lid. Red queen and blue king return. The path opens. Stop the music box? Yes/No
Music box (The top is closed) The music box is locked. I can't take out the music plate inside. A red jewel is embedded by an opening.
Ladder "The hole in the ceiling has been sealed..."




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