The bedroom corridor (寝室前廊下?)[1] is an area of the private residence on Rockfort Island.


The bedroom corridor is a U-shaped hallway which wraps around both Alfred and Alexia's rooms. Cabinets are placed around the wall, containing things such as dolls.


Handgun Bullets can be found against the door back to the hall. A Green Herb is next to the door to Alfred's room.[1]


Location Localization Original script
Dolls A large-size doll, possibly custom-made.
Books on the corner, on the cabinets Miscellaneous books are piled up here.
Window "There seems to be no one inside."
Bust A bust. There seems to be nothing unusual about it.
Book shelves History is the topic of many of these books.
Books cabinet to the left side Professional biology books are piled up here.
Books on the couches Books on the chemicals are piled up here.
Materials on the corner (Left) There is nothing useful here.
Picture near the Alfred's bedroom entry A common picture.




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