The dining room is an area of the first floor of the Private Residence.


The dining room is in a degree of disorder, with the table cloth unkept and the candles fallen. Centuries-old armour is held up on one side of the room, with a fireplace on the other.


Use the lighter on the fireplace to illuminate the room. There is a bandersnatch on this room, handgun ammo on the floor next to the armor decoration, bowgun bolts over the fireplace and ink ribbons and ink ribbons on the end of the room.


Location Localization Original script
The table What a mess...
Objects to the left/right of the fireplace There is nothing useful here.
Fireplace A fireplace. There is a plentiful supply of firewood here.
The window It's too dark to see anything outside.
The armor displayed Some armor is on display here. They appear to be very old. Nothing unusual.
Painting "Calm scenery can be seen in this picture. There is nothing unusual about it."
Small cabinet (after taking the ink ribbon) There is nothing useful here.


CODE Veronica X



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