The Private residence hall (私邸ホール?)[1] is an area of the private residence on Rockfort Island.


The hall is several storeys high, with a large space between the first and second floors, with a staircase wrapping around the walls, showcasing statues of demons along the way. Hanging from the ceiling is a giant statue of Alexia Ashford. There is no electric lighting in this room, with all light by candles. On the ground floor there is a library and doll collection.


There are five bats in this room, which will follow the player all the way up the stairs. Some Handgun Bullets and a First Aid Spray can be found on the landing, around some tables near the door to the bedroom hallway.[1]


Location Localization Original script
Desk on the left A marble desk. Stone figures and images are placed on it. There is nothing useful here.
Book shelf on the right Various books. Politics, literature, science... Nothing useful.
Cabinet on the left An assortment of creepy dolls are showcased here. Perhaps these are to the liking of the resident...
Double doors on the second floor. It's been completely broken. I can't pass through here.


CODE Veronica X



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