Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
The pro-independence force[1][note 1] were a band of rebels who took part in the Eastern Slav civil war, who campaigned for secession of their land from the country. They were recognized as a bioterrorist organization by the U.S. Government and the government of the Eastern Slav Republic when they began using Licker B.O.W.s in the battlefield.


Sometime before the escalation of the war, Alexander Kozachenko was a school teacher who taught at an elementary school with his girlfriend Irina. At one point the government attacked and killed her and all the students because they thought it was a Pro-Independence hide out. Then Alexander joined the resistance to overthrow the government.

Known members

Use of Biological Weapons

During the war the rebel group acquired bioweapons via Council of Elders; however the Council of Elders received bioweapons from the government itself. The government planned to give bioweapons to wipe out the rebels. However the United States and Russian governments found out and stepped in to end the war and arrest the Slav soldiers and president for working for a state that sponsored terrorism. Both sides were utilising an artificially evolved version of the Las Plaga parasite, enabling certain individuals complete control over other infected hosts. For example: Alexander was one such individual, who could control several lickers.


  1. Dokuritsu-ha (独立派?) roughly means "pro-independence forces", or otherwise "faction"
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