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The pro-independence force[1][note 1] were a dissident group or groups which vied for the independence of Cossack lands during the Eastern Slav civil war. Though individual fighters were not necessarily Cossacks, leadership fell under Ataman Ivan Judanovich and the Cossack-run Council of Elders.


With the independence of Eastern Slav from the Soviet Union came the re-emergence of Cossack claim to autonomy in the regions they once resided. Following a series of riots led by opponents of the country's economic policies, the Cossacks renewed their claims, and were soon backed-up by fellow Eastern Slav citizens. Recruitment ramped up in the first stage of the war when government forces attacked civilian targets suspected of being bases, including a school.[2]

By 2010, these forces stood down as part of a ceasefire agreement with the government, in which the Cossack lands were allowed their autonomy. When the ceasefire was broken by the end of the year the militants began fortifying the region. In a meeting of the Council of Elders, it was agreed that Bio Organic Weaponry should be used in the war. By early 2011 Lickers were being actively used on the battlefield, and fighting had spread into the capital city of Holigrad where Judanovich planned to assassinate President Svetlana Belikova. Through the use of Plaga parasites to control the Lickers, the militants were successful in crushing the Army garrison, though failed to assassinate Belikova. Many of the militants were themselves killed by their allies when the parasites began spreading out of control, or otherwise turned into Ganados. With the ousting of Belikova later that month, what remained of the fighters laid down their arms, ending the conflict.

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  1. Dokuritsu-ha (独立派?) roughly means "pro-independence forces", or otherwise "faction"
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