The Progenitor Virus House (始祖ウィルスハウス Shiso wirusu hausu?)[1] is a location for Resident Evil 5, featured in Chapter 5-1.


The Progenitor Virus House is the lab where the Progenitor virus was researched. When the researchers applied the Progenitor virus to the Lickers, the Lickers gained the ability to breed, and continued to do so until they infested the lab, rendering it unusable.


A checkpoint is applied after reaching this area.

To the left of where the players begin is a small laboratory through a door. Inside, one can find Handgun and Machine Gun ammunition, and a single Incendiary Grenade. On a table to the player's left as they enter is Brandon's Journal - No. 2, and the computer beside it can be turned on to display the file "Research Center Director Brandon's Journal", which concludes the Brandon's Journal entries. On the far wall as the player enters is a filing cabinet; a cubicle on its right end contains a Telegram from James Marcus.

The corridor contains a crate with a green herb and leads to another testing chamber, marked by a mini-cutscene displaying fluid-filled tanks containing flowers from the Underground Garden. A computer nearby can be activated to display an email, and there's a box of shotgun shells to retrieve.

Continuing on, the player will find a small crate with a random item inside, and enter a room that was previously used to house some kind of animal, which has left pools of gore, shredded corpses and deep clawmarks all over. To proceed, the player must pull a lever, opening a shutter to reveal three glass windows that must be broken through.

The next room contains various animal test subjects; giant rats, goats and painted dogs. There's a green herb in the upper right corner of the room.

Beyond the test subject holding pen, the player finds some stairs and a door, as well as a crate containing handgun ammo.

The door leads to a monitor room containing a red herb, gold bars worth 3000 gold in a safe, and a weapon case containing the AK-74 machine gun.

The stairs lead the player onward through the facility. They will need to pull a lever to power on a twin-button locked door, which both partners need to open. Beyond lies a corridor between two glass-fronted holding pens, each infested with lickers. The players can try to delay their reaction by walking slowly and carefully, but the doorway beyond must be kicked open, which alerts the B.O.Ws and causes them to escape.

The player will need to sprint through the corridor and summon the elevator, which will take roughly a minute to arrive. In that time, several lickers will spawn and must be fended off; how many will attack depends on the game's difficulty level.

Once the elevator has arrived, the player must enter it to progress to the next location; the Experimental Facility.


Location Localization Action Original Script
The shelf A shelf for files and sketches. Nothing of use here. Investigate
Old computer Just an old computer. Can't tell if it's broken or if there's no power. Investigate
The flower inside the tanks

I think I've seen enough of these flowers.

Dead animal Looks like it was torn apart by animals. Not a good way to go. Investigate
Cages with a goat Some lab animals. How long have they been locked up? Investigate
Cages with giant rats A cage for the lab animals. B.O.W. research I suppose. Investigate
Empty cages A cage for the lab animals. Nothing in here though. Investigate
Monitor inside the monitor room So this is the monitor room. All the monitor are offline though. Investigate


Further notes

  • Though there are signs of mutilation and violence everywhere, the Lickers have seemingly made no attempt to kill the goats, dogs, and giant rats who are alive and well in their cages.
  • There is a room full of Lickers blocked by glasses, if the players walk instead of running, the Lickers will not attack. But later once the players has to kick a door, the Lickers will burst out of the glasses.
  • This area features some gallow's humor from Capcom. After defeating the first two Lickers, Chris and Sheva muse "Thank God there weren't more of 'em." "We'd never last against a whole horde." Soon thereafter, an entire horde of Lickers is faced.



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