It has been observed a number of times that there is some link between an infection and mutation from a Progenitor virus variant and the mindset of that person. Former-Umbrella virologist Albert Wesker had long believed that the mutations inflicted on those who did not transform into zombies was simply random. However, it was his encounter with Colonel Sergei Vladimir in the Caucasus Laboratory, combined with learning scant details about James Marcus's transformation into the Queen Leech at the Umbrella Executive Training Center that changed his views.[1]

James Marcus (1998)Edit

James Marcus, the person who discovered the t-Virus, was speculated by Wesker to have been transformed via the mindset of Marcus, the latter only learning a little about Marcus's mutation rather than witnessing it first hand due to trying to evacuate from the doomed Umbrella Training Facility at the time Marcus mutated. This also was one of the factors that led him to create this theory, the other being his more direct exposure to Sergei Vladimir's mutation.[1] In James Marcus's case, it was his desperation for survival as well as vengeful desires for his betrayal at the hands of Umbrella, more specifically both Wesker and Birkin, his trusted students at the time, as well as Spencer, the co-founder and head of Umbrella Corporation as well as the man who ordered for his assassination at the hands of Wesker and Birkin.

Alexia Ashford (1998)Edit

The one who discovered the T-Veronica Virus, and isolated from her peers for years, Alexia had grown narcisstic, developing a megalomaniac personality and believing that every living creature on Earth must serve her as their
Alexia From3 01

queen. She first saw herself as a "queen" during her research on an ant species and their DNA compatibility to the T-Veronica, where Alexia likened the hierarchy between lesser ants and their queen ant to her own world where she is the leader of all beings. To achieve her dream, she decided to experiment on herself by injecting the T-Vveronica strain into her body and hibernating in a cryostasis tube for 15 years. Once Alexia awoke, she had full control of the T-Veronica virus, utilizing her Veronica-bonded blood as a combustible weapon as well as controlling giant tentacles and her ant minions which she referred as her "children".

Alexia's madness had gone to the point where she used the T-Veronica strain in her body to mutate into a queen ant monster, a grotesque form she envisioned as true goddesshood.

Steve Burnside (1998)Edit

Steve Burnside was infected with the t-Veronica virus as part of an experiment by Alexia, comparable to the infection of Alexander over fifteen years earlier. Imprisoned behind an axe, it seems likely that Alexia intended him to wield it in his mutation to attack Claire, which he did. However, he had grown close to her while being human, and regained conscious thought in time to prevent her beheading. Rejecting the virus, the mutations reversed and he died as a perfectly-normal human.

Manuela Hidalgo (2002)Edit

Manuela Hidalgo was infected with the t-Veronica virus by her father, Javier, in the hopes of curing his daughter's degenerative illness. Filled with pain at her arm injury and the virus' progression in her body like Steve's, Manuela was confronted with two options: she could give in to the virus and lose the feeling of pain, or to reject the virus and face the possibility of death. Seeing the horrible monster that her parents had become thanks to the virus, and the threat they posed to Leon S. Kennedy, Manuela chose to die a human. Seeing Javier prepare to strike Leon down, Manuela came to his aid, using the powers given to her by the virus (flammable blood) to counter her father, without actually-succumbing to the virus, itself. For Manuela, she willed herself into remaining human.

Morpheus D. Duvall (2002)Edit

Tyrant T-092

Morpheus infected himself with the t+G virus in 2002 to cheat death after being wounded by a hand grenade. The man was obsessed with beauty and elegance. As a consequence, his mutation gave him a particularly-feminine form of such elegance that he would make perfect front-flips.

Morpheus was able to control his mind until being damaged by the Charged Particle Rifle. His subsequent rapid mutation led to the loss of his conscious mind, driven solely by the apparent desire to kill Bruce McGivern.

Sergei Vladimir (2003)Edit


The mutations suffered by Sergei were what drove Wesker to first suspect the psychological relation to mutation.[1] Sergei's mind had slowly deteriorated into insanity, believing the Tyrants as his brothers and that he could take every bullet Wesker shot at him. He eventually died despite his attempt to keep fighting Wesker.

Jack Norman (2005)Edit

During Jack Norman's final moments while trapped on the Dido, he transformed into the Ultimate Abyss. Norman, who was already halfway insane from both being trapped on the ship as well as from his vengeful feelings towards his financial backer, FBC head Morgan Lansdale, double-crossing him, mutated into a huge Tyrant-like creature with teleportation abilities. He had also infected himself with double the dose before hand, once just before sending a threatening video message to Morgan Lansdale some time after the latter's betrayal, and second just before fighting Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield for his PDA, which contained incriminating video logs against Lansdale revealing his role in the Terragrigia Incident.

Similar traitsEdit

As shown in at least four instances, mutation from the t-, t-Veronica, and t-Abyss virus can be suppressed for some time after infection, until being willed into occurring.[notes 1] In at least one case of the above, the transformations can even be held back after multiple doses of the same virus.[notes 2] In another two instances, those infected have been able to reject mutation and remain human.[notes 3] Wesker also implies that he himself may be susceptible to mutation via his own strain of the progenitor virus, although whether this was indeed the case was never revealed.[1]


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