For the open beta, see Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta.

The Project Resistance closed beta was the first demo of Project Resistance playable outside of a convention, it was first announced on September 12, 2019 (JST) during the Project Resistance presentation at TGS 2019[2] and was available between October 4 - October 7.[3] The registration period was available between September 11–18 for the PS4 version, with the Xbox One version lasting until September 30. The confirmation of selection happened on September 30 as well.[4]


The registration for the beta differed between platforms:

PlayStation 4

The user must first have registered to the Resident Evil Ambassador program, then signed up to the beta on the registration page. If too many people signed up for the beta, a lottery would take place and players would be selected randomly. Users who did win an invitation received an e-mail via the ambassador program on September 30 with information on how to participate in the beta and a separate e-mail with a code for the beta.[3]

Xbox One

The user must first have registered to the Xbox Insider Program, the entry for the beta would then be completed with the registration to the Xbox Insider Program. On September 30, a limited number of players were able to install the beta.[3] The number of participants reached its limit 26 hours later.[5]


The closed beta was not be available on PC.[3]


The Survivor vs Mastermind game mode was the only one available in the beta with "Downtown" being the only playable stage, players could select "Quick Match" and then select their preferred role before searching (with "Random", "Mastermind" and "Survivor" as the options).

A Tutorial was present in the beta which could have been replayed as many times as needed, upon launching the beta for the first time, the game would ask if the player wanted to play the Tutorial first.

During the search time, players could not select any option apart from choosing to stop the search. It was also not possible to invite other players onto a lobby or create a private match.

Only the following characters were playable:

Outside of the game, Capcom also made a web manual available online: Project Resistance OFFICIAL WEB MANUAL.


The following are the patch notes based on the PS4's "Update History" menu:

  • Version 1.01
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Balance adjustment


  • The timer UI was different than in the full game.
  • The damage and healing numbers shown on screen were slightly different than in the full game.
  • All "HOLD" UI text shown when players are supposed to hold the interact button were slightly different than in the full game.
  • The Suvivor tutorial was slightly different, a Sledgehammer was not present next to the Bio Core, and as such the game did not state that melee weapons deal more damage to the Bio Core than firearms.
  • When going into the inventory, the camera would perform a snap motion. This motion is not present in the full game.
Project Resistance table in Storage 202

The table inside Storage 202, which was removed in the full game.

  • The Storage 202 room in Area 2 of Downtown had a table at the left of the door.
  • Players who had Tyrone's Fever Skill buff had a different particle effect on them.
  • Samuel's Fever Skill had a different particle effect on Samuel.
  • Samuel's Dash Punch ability did not automatically punch enemies that were close enough.
  • Samuel's idle animation when inside the elevator was different and removed from the full game.
  • Tyrone's idle animation when inside the elevator was different.
  • The Yellow Herb only slightly boosted the player's attack power and defense. The inventory description of this item was also different than in the full game because it mentioned the herb only gave a slight boost.
  • The Enhancing Spray greatly boosted the player's attack power and defense. The inventory description of this item was also different than in the full game because it mentioned the spray would greatly boost players.
  • The Supply Zombies were much less common.
Project Resistance Tyrant stuns Valerie

The Tyrant stuns Valerie with his Hook Punch.

  • The Tyrant was able to stun Survivors back by using his Hook Punch move.
  • Inactive Bio Cores were shown with a blue color on the map.
  • When Survivors are waiting for others at the exit door, the small green icons at their small pictures in the UI were white instead.
  • The coughing animation (due to poison) had the character put their left hand on their mouth.
  • The character would run with their "Fine" animation even if they were poisoned. In the full game, the character runs in their "Caution" animation while poisoned even if their health is on "Fine".


  • A Security Guard Zombie in the second area or Bio Cores in the third area could fail to appear. There is no way to force these to spawn, so players were required to either exit the game or wait until the timer reached zero.[3]
  • When aiming, the playable character could fail to look at the direction being aimed at.
  • If the player tried to enter a safe room at the same time as opening a normal door, they would enter a state where they would be unable to run, face a different direction, or to interact with anything. One way to get out of this state was by walking into a mine, which would end up teleporting the player to the safe room.[6]
  • January could end up facing the wrong direction or be placed at an unintended location when the group were proceeding to Area 3 via the elevator.
  • Sometimes the prompts from the inventory, such as "Confirm" and "Close", would stay within the UI even after the player exited the inventory. This also applies to the weapon/item shortcuts. In order to fix this, players just needed to go in and out of the inventory again.

Further notes

  • An online connection was required to play this beta.[3]
  • The options menu had a RESIDENT EVIL.NET setting however RE.NET had not been updated to support this beta at that time.

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