The Protagonist is a person shown waking up at Dulvey Haunted House.


After wandering around for a while and looking for the way out, the protagonist comes across a video tape, titled "Derelict House Footage". After placing the tape in a tape player found in the house, the protagonist watches the recording. He would later answer a phone call made by an anonymous woman, who claimed to know who he is before giving a cryptic message and hanging up. Before he could escape the house, Jack Baker either ambushed him as he welcomed the protagonist to "the family", or otherwise succumbed to an unknown disease that he got from the Molder, with Baker taunting him as having "no family".

If players accomplish the True Ending of the demo (getting the attic key without being attacked by the Molder), the man will manage to escape the Dulvey residence. However, any statements he made to the police would be disregarded due to LSD being found in his possession. In addition, the police investigated, not finding a video tape or anything else to prove the murders that took place.

Further notes

It is stated by Masachika Kawata that the protagonist won't be the same protagonist in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


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